URBAN ARTIFACT, 1660 Blue Rock Street, Cincinnati, OHIO

Surf music has long been an American institution dating from very early 1960's and somewhat instilled the urge to play guitar among many teenagers before the Beatles invaded. Still a welcome and driving force in todays world , almost 60 years later. These boys have been practicing all the while and today you can say they have become quite good at it. Nobody sings, all instrumental.

In the heart of Northside (a very early and maybe the first suburb of Cincinnati ) not far from Hoffner Park (Intersection of Hamilton Ave. and Blue Rock ) is a grand old Church that has be repurposed as a performance venue of high calibre. Easy to find and free parking within a short walk.

Headlining the bill ( and coming on second ): THE SURGE from Atlanta GA. There second appearance in 6 years for Kokopelli Stages. A masterful mix of talents, tone, energy, balance and good times. Check them out on YOU TUBE. Eddie Katcher, lead guitar .

First on the bill : the AmpFibians .. native to our land and in the past years have been writing about 4 albums worth of original surf / spy instrumentals. This quartet is highly accomplished and features some great melodic leads, wonderful harmonic movement and sparky drumming. Several clips on YOU TUBE. Dave Davies, guitar. Tom Coats, drums. Eli White , bass. Ron White , guitar. Get there early. Don't miss these guys.

Last on the bill (formerly reserved as the spot for openers but as our generation has found out "going on early is good ) --- The Grateful Surf is what happens when players from different surf and or R&B groups find themselves wanting to play when their original groups dissolve or go on vacation. They have one slot on YOU TUBE so check it out. Ron White, now with the AmpFibians, is lead guitar. His wife Tamina White (both Whites and also Eli of the AmpFibians have been long associated with the MALADROITS - longest and historically earliest surf revival group in Cincinnati) plays bass. Drummer Rick Schoettmer , formerly of Barney and the Howlers, is the newest addition but has been with the Grateful Surf for over 5 years. Don Schott , the bass player for Don't Fear the Reverb, takes the rhythm guitar duties.